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Composer Robert J. Walsh


Through his company - Screenmusic International – Robert J. Walsh has created and produced award-winning music for film, television, and the record industry for over 20 years.    

      He has produced over 250 albums on various labels, garnered three Emmy nominations, scored over 50 animated and live action domestic and Network television series - and his music has been featured in literally thousands ofmovies and TV series around the world.   

       This includes feature scores for companies like Lionsgate Entertainment,  Warner Bros, Orion Pictures, Hemisphere Ent., Marvel Ent., Hanna Barberra, Hemisphere Ent., Live Entertainment, Stu Segal Productions, Paramount Television, Stan Lee Films, and many other companies. 

       He has been the personal composer for Friz Freleng, Jim Henson, Stan Lee, Glen Larson, Lee Gunther,  and many top film and tv producers. 

In the mid-seventies, Rob had a group called Happy Day in Chicago – they had several top twenty records in the Midwest. He then moved onas the guitarist in the Jesus Christ Superstar New York road tour for 3 years. His manager Hal Zeiger brought him to Los Angeles to work on his first album release after the tour closed. Having arrived inLos Angeles he formed strong alliances with some of the top up-and-coming artists in town, and his studio and reputation as a musician-engineer -writer-producer flourished.

      He became musical director/composer at Warner Bros.  Animation in the early 1980's for Friz Freleng, then went to Hanna-Barberra with Friz for one series - and then went on to score virtually all of the shows at Marvel Animation in their heyday,  including Spiderman, GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, X-Men, Dungeons & Dragons,  and dozens of TV series.

     During his tenure as Musical Director at Marvel,   he worked closely with Jim Henson in creating the music for children's shows like Muppet Babies and Fraggle Rock.

Rob was the founder and creator of one of the The Hollywood Film Music Library record label, which was sold to the world's largest music library conglomerate, FirstCom Music in Dallas, Texas in 1994 -  and is currently owned by Universal. It has since become one of the most-used and most successful music libraries in the world. 

    Rob still writes, produces and deliver several albums per year for The Hollywood Film Music Library, as well as other music library companies and record labels.

      In 1987, Rob also designed, and built what was to become the top animation post production facility in Los Angeles:  ScreenMusic Studios, located in Studio City, Ca. Many animation shows have posted there, including Little Mermaids, Ninja Turtles, Ren & Stimpy, the Rugrats,  etc. He sold that business to the world's largest pharmaceutical company (Senju, a Japanese conglomerate) in 1990. Today it is owned by Frank Zappa’s family.

    These days,  Rob has his own state of the artdigital scoring/mixing studio locatedin Encino, California.  He has worked with many of the top stars in the record business, creating new tracks and albums,  is extremely comfortable with live orchestral scores as well as contemporary sampled music techniques.

      From this pastoral, relaxed, and creative location overlooking aguitar-shaped swimming pool, he continues to score shows and produce soundtracks for many of the industry's top producers.  Directors find this relaxed, cutting-edge studio a wonderful facility within which to work, previewing new soundtrack cues to picture and fine-tuning Rob’s tracks to achieve ultimate resultsin film and tv scoring. 

   The facility encompasses a Protools HD-3 station, a digital automated console, a 9-foot 1080p HD Digital Projection roomwith 5.1 surround sound -  and has accomodated ADR, sound fx editing, sweetening and mixing for many top film directors and producers.

His more recent works have been several new animated net series, produced by Rob’s long-time friend Stan Lee,  the creator of Spiderman, X-Men, Silver Surfer, etc- and several features over the last year or two for Lionsgate Films. He has recently completednew original scores forthe Harry Potter DVD game, as well as Transformers, Scooby-Doo, and the Berenstain Bears.



• Winner of the 2014 Library Music Award in London for Best Track in the World Music Category - Universal Production Music

• Three Emmy Award Nominations for Outstanding Musical Direction in a TV series


* Personal composer for Friz Freleng, Lee Gunther, Jim Henson, Stan Lee, Glen Larson, etc. • Former Vice President Film & TV Music for Firstcom Music/ BMG in Los Angeles • Founder and creator of the world-famous Hollywood Film Music Library (now owned by Firstcom/Universal Music) • Founder, designer, creator of Screenmusic Studios, Encino, Ca.


X-Men - the original TV Pilot and Special 1987-
Millennium Man - Glen Larson & Paramount MOW
The Darwin Conspiracy - Glen Larson & Paramount Television MOW Anything's Possible - DR Productions Feature film 2014
The Four Senses – Metropole Films 2013 - Feature film
Mondo Americana - Lommel Films 2012 - Feature film
Overkill - 1985 Lommel Films
Transformers, the Video Game for Warner Bros Interactive
Harry Potter I & II - the Video Games - Warner Bros. Interactive Scooby Doo, the Video Game - Warner Bros. Interactive
Speedracer - the Video Game - Warner Bros. Interactive
Berenstain Bears - the Video Game - Scope Seven Productions Revenge of the Ninja 1983 - Canon Films
Young Warriors 1984 - Cannon Films
Anacondas, Giant Snake of the Amazon - the Discovery Channel Lethal and Dangerous - the Discovery Channel
Daffy's Fantastic Island - Warner Brothers Animation Feature Film 1001 Rabbit Tales - Warner Brothers Animation Feature Film Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie - Warner Bros. Animation
My Little Pony - the Movie - Marvel Animation
Countdown to Disaster - Lommel Films
The Black Dahlia - Lionsgate Entertainment


The Green River Killer - Lionsgate Entertainment The Raven - Lionsgate Entertainment
The B.T.K. Killer - Lionsgate Entertainment
The Zodiac Killer - Lionsgate Entertainment

The Baseline Killer - Lommel Films
Zombie Nation - Lionsgate Entertainment
Nightstalker - The Shadow Factory
Curse of the Zodiac -The Shadow Factory
Son of Sam - The Shadow Factory
Scooby Doo - the DVD Game - Warner Bros Animation
Fever Lake - Hemisphere Entertainment
Number One Fan - MCEG
Sterling Dead On - Orion Pictures/Stu Segal Productions Feature Film Countdown to Disaster - TriVision Entertainment
Illusions - Prism Entertainment
Missing Without a Trace - Learning Channel
Miracle Cures TV Series - Pax Television
Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House - CBS Television 26 episodes The Shoot - Axiom Entertainment
The New Adventures of Rin Tin Tin TV Series - Burt Leonard Productions Our Little Science Story - Sock 'em Dog Productions
Treasures TV series - LBS Communications
The Witching - Associates Entertainment
The Power Of Shakti - New Vision Films
Thunderbirds - Big Little Films
Hollywood Stuntmasters(26-hour series) - DSL Productions
A Year to Remember (26 hour series) - British Pathe Tele./INI Dist.
Last of the Caravans (90 min. Docu ) - Monarex Films
Heartbreaker - Monarex Films
Infinity - Brato Films
The Blue Frontier TV series - Gillette Entertainment
Demonoid - Panarama Releasing
Trimark Motion Picture Logo - Trimark Releasing
MCEG Motion Picture Logo - MCEG Sterling
LIVE Entertainment Motion Picture Logo – LIVE Entertainment
Family Home Entertainment Logo - LIVE Entertainment
Overkill – Lommel FIlms
My Therapist series - Shaftel Productions
Ouray Ice Festival 2000 TV Special - Tomwill Entertainment


Transformers TV series 1983- Marvel Animation & Hasbro G.I. Joe Original TV Series 1983- Marvel Animation & Hasbro Jem TV Series 1984 - Marvel Animation & Hasbro
The 7th Portal Series - Stan Lee Films - 50 episodes


The Drifter Series - Stan Lee Films
The Accuser Series - Stan Lee Films
Pryde of the X-Men Original TV Special - Marvel Animation Dungeons & Dragons TV series - Marvel Animation
T-Rex, the NBC TV series - Gunther Wahl Productions
G.I. Joe Extreme! TV series - Gunther Wahl Productions
My Little Pony - The Movie - Sunbow Productions
Muppet Babies TV Series – Jim Henson Productions
Defenders of the Earth TV Series - King Features
Pink Panther & Sons TV Series - Hanna Barbarra
Spiderman TV Series - Marvel Animation
Bitsy Bears TV Special – Tyco Toys
Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island - Warner Brothers
Daffy-Speedy Saturday Show - Warner Brothers
The Cavegnaws - TMS Ent
Fraggle Rock TV Series - Jim Henson
Big Foot TV Series - Marvel Productions
Jungle Book TV Special - Amer. Film Inv. Corp.
Jack & The Beanstalk TV Special - Amer. Film Inv. Corp.
Dungeons & Dragons TV Series - Marvel Animation
Young Astronauts - Marvel Productions
Robotix TV Series - Sunbow Productions
Blondie CBS Special - CBS TV
Inhumanoids TV Series - Marvel Animation
Potato Head Kids TV Series - Marvel Animation
Zacktales (add'l music) DIC Entertainment
Snow White video series - Amer. Film Inv. Corp.
My Little Pony & Friends TV Series Marvel Animation
GloFriends TV series Marvel Animation
GloFriends Save Christmas - TV Special - Sunbow Productions Solarman - Marvel Animation
Pink Panther at the Olympinks - Depatie Freling Ent.
Sleeping Beauty - Amer. Film Inv. Corp.
Thanksgiving Day TV Special - Nickolodeon
Pandemonium TV series - Marvel Animation
Looney Looney World of Bugs Bunny - Warner Brothers Animation Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth - Learning Corp. of America
Little Muppet Monsters TV series - Jim Henson Productions
Bugs Bunny - All American Hero - Warner Brothers Animation
The Railway Adventure (add'l music) - DIC Animation Moondreamers TV series - Marvel Animation
Cowboys of Moo Mesa - Gunther Wahl Animation


Fifty Shades of Gray - Birdman - Paranormal Activity, The Marked Ones - The Butler - American Reunion - My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - The Shack - Hail Caesar - Runner Runner - The Conjuring II - You’re Next - Sinister - The Wedding Chapel - Upside Down Feeling - Nurse 3D - Snitch - Blue Is The Warmest Color - Bikini Model Academy - Old Fashioned - No Pay, Nudity - Phantom Halo - Shotgun Wedding - Man Vs Snake - In Utero - Ride To Retribution - Ballroom Dancing & Charm School - W.W.E. 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Snake - and many more!


Over 500 albums in release on various production music library and record labels worldwide



Music Sampler

by Robert J. Walsh - Screenmusic International

Screenmusic Studios


Screenmusic Studios is a one-stop production facility encompassing Digital Audio recording, mixing, sweetening, and music library scoring.Our award-winning Protools editors are skilled in the latest techniques of sound design, and are veterans of the industry.

We have provided state-of-the-art post services for most of the the independent and major film and tv producers in the industry for over 15 years.

Our featured partner, Robert J.Walsh, has garnered 3 Emmy Nominations for Daytime series, created and produced the incredible 90+ Volume Hollywood Film Music Library, and has served as Musical Director at Warnerís Animation,  Marvel Productions, and other film/tv companies.  He has scored over 35 televisionseries and manyfeatures for companies like: Paramount Television, Glen Larson Productions, Discovery Networks, Hemisphere Entertainment,  Jim Henson Productions, Orion Pictures,  New World Entertainment, CBS, ABC, Claster,  Stu Segal Entertainment, Warner Bros, Cannon Filmsand lots more.